Carter N. Davis, P.E. - Austin

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Carter N. Davis is a partner of Platt, Sparks & Associates Consulting Petroleum Engineers, Inc. Mr. Davis became affiliated with Platt, Sparks & Associates in November 1995 as a Consulting Petroleum Engineer. Mr. Davis provides expertise on a broad range of reservoir engineering and regulatory projects. His experience includes reservoir simulation studies, reserve estimates, economic analyses, property evaluations, and analyses of secondary and tertiary recovery projects. In addition Mr. Davis has experience dealing with State and Federal agencies with jurisdiction over oil & gas production and related environmental matters.

Prior to joining Platt, Sparks & Associates, Mr. Davis was Regulatory Compliance Manager for Duer Wagner & Company. He was responsible for compliance with rules of the Texas Railroad Commission, the Louisiana Office of Conservation, the United States Environmental Protection Agency, and other regulatory agencies.Mr. Davis was employed by Bridge Oil (U.S.A.) for a number of years. He held several positions including Area and District Production Engineer, Manager of Outside Operated Properties, and Manger of Reserves Reporting. These positions required him to practice a range of reservoir engineering, production engineering and data management skills.

Mr. Davis was previously employed by Chevron Geosciences Company. This group acted as the technical consultant for all of Chevron's worldwide operating companies. While at Chevron, Mr. Davis specialized in reservoir engineering, and managed several reservoir studies involving simulation as well as analytical modeling.

Mr. Davis holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental/Chemical Engineering from Rice University and a Master of Science Degree in Petroleum Engineering from The University of Texas at Austin. He is a member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers and is a Registered Professional Engineer in Texas.

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